Brimbank City Council, Community and Civic Centre

Brimbank City Council, Community and Civic Centre

“The Brimbank project was conceived as a community catalyst, bringing the Council’s services direct to its community on Sunshine’s ‘Main Street’. We added to this by creating unique shopfronts for the Council customer services and the Sunshine Library – which have driven visitations through the roof. And the effect of the catalyst is already clear in generating true ‘community capital’ and helping to rejuvenate the retail strip of Hampshire Road.”

Carey Lyon, Director of Lyons

The Brimbank Community and Civic Centre is a landmark building for the City of Brimbank, signifying growth, revitalisation and a vision for an interconnected community. Located in central Sunshine, the project is a major new community and public building for the west of Melbourne. Our team was selected following a design competition where we put forward a solution that met the diverse needs of Brimbank City Council. Our design maximises community participation, provides quality workplaces for the council and enables growth in both social capital and the local economy. The facility is part of a wider vision to rejuvenate the Sunshine retail strip and create growth in the local economy. The six level building includes a library, council chambers and services, community meeting rooms, exhibition spaces and the Sunshine Customer Service Centre. The building establishes Brimbank as the dynamic heart of Melbourne’s west by demonstrating its commitment to outstanding community services and sustainable design solutions.

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  • Key Lyons contacts

    Carey Lyon
    Neil Appleton

  • Collaborators

    Rush Wright Associates

  • Client

    Brimbank City Council

  • Location

    301 Hampshire Rd, Sunshine VIC 3020

  • Traditional Land

    Located on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people

  • Size

    12,000 square metres

  • Sustainability

    5 Star Green Star Rating

  • Project status

    Complete, 2016


    • 2017 Australian Institute of Architects, VIC Chapter (Public Architecture)

Building pride in council services

The new council building has been designed to co-locate staff from various disparate locations and place them in an interconnected and collaborative environment, allowing the staff to engage with the broader community. We placed council services among community spaces to build pride in council staff and strengthen the community’s access to services. The seamless connection of public space and council services is achieved in part by a strong architectural figure that wraps around the community spaces, including the new library located over two levels. The workplace areas at the upper level of the building create a contemporary identity for the council with an integrated and collaborative work environment. Open stairs link the council spaces to shared mixed mode spaces, allowing important social connections to be made. The building layout maximises natural day lighting while the façade helps reduce solar loads. Our design allows for all community and circulation spaces to be naturally ventilated when the weather permits; one of several features contributing to the building’s 5 Star Green Star Rating.

with landscape

Enriching cultural

Making public spaces
for everyone

Energising public space

Our design blurs the boundaries of public and private space to create a highly visible and user-friendly facility for the community. We worked closely with the council’s urban designers to enhance the wider project and create an integrated civic heart. The footpaths for example are widened to create something closer to a ‘civic forecourt’ rather than a footpath space. A highly visible ‘end of ride’ bicycle facility also activates the public realm on one of the site frontages. An array of external seats such as picnic tables have also been included to provide breakout areas and spaces for the community and library users. The upgraded and expanded Sunshine library is a key space designed to appeal to the community. Set over two floors, the library features a double height reading room and areas for different user groups such as children, teens and adults. The library and reading spaces are physically and visually part of the street experience, inviting the community to engage.

“This building will be a 5 Star Green Star building, and we’re really proud that we can set a new benchmark for sustainable development in Brimbank. The opening of the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre is a significant achievement for Brimbank City Council, and it really takes that next step of providing services to the community, which will be second to none, and something that our community deserve.”

Paul Younis, Chief Executive Officer of Brimbank City Council

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