Hume City Council Office Building

Hume City Council Office Building

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The Hume City Council Office Building demonstrates the transformative effect that architecture can have on a workplace, community and urban environment. Completed in 2007 and awarded the Harry Seidler National Architecture Award for Commercial Architecture in 2008, the building’s iconic design unites council staff in a harmonious environment, makes services more efficient and contributes to the urban fabric of Broadmeadows, Victoria. After being appointed to this project following a national Design Competition, we worked closely with the Hume City Council on a design that reflects their pride and ambition to be an employer of choice. Because of this, the design is driven by occupant comfort to foster a united and seamless work culture. Awarded a 5 Green Star ‘as-built’ rating, the building showcases a commitment to environmental sustainability without compromising the quality of the work environment. While achieving the council’s workplace goals and environmental sustainability ambitions, the building is ultimately designed for the community, making council services accessible for everyone.

  • Sector


  • Key Lyons contact

    Neil Appleton
    Carey Lyon

  • Client

    Hume City Council

  • Collaborators

    Hooker Cockram - Builder

  • Address

    Pascoe Vale Road, Broadmeadows VIC 3047

  • Traditional land

    Located on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people.

  • Size


  • Sustainability

    5 Green Star ‘as-built’ rating

  • Project status

    Complete, 2007


    • 2008 Australian Institute of Architects, National Design Award – The Harry Seidler Award (Commercial Architecture)
    • 2008 Royal Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter Award (Commercial Architecture)
    • 2008 Australian Institute of Architects, Victorian Chapter Award (Sustainability Architecture)

“Lyons were engaged by Hume City Council to design, assist with and facilitate the construction of the Hume City Council municipal office. Through their engagement with the City, from competition and tendering phase to briefing and design development; town planning and construction; and fit-out, the Lyons’ team always displayed the highest level of professionalism and integrity.”

Domenic Isola, Chief Executive Officer, Hume City Council

Welcoming one-stop shop for council services

Our design for the Hume City Council Office building demonstrates our expertise in modern service design and our ability to consolidate services and staff. In 2005, Victoria’s Hume City Council, proposed consolidating its offices into a united and seamless organisation, with a vision to be a one-stop shop for the community. Our design consolidates and redesigns the delivery of council services from four locations, so the community can have all their questions answered under one roof. The design also benefits council staff, transforming working methods through an integrated workplace that operates as a seamless, interconnected organisation. The building is a compact six level form with five levels of workplace interconnected by open stairs. The design features a solid services core at each end of the building allowing maximum possible penetration of natural light into the workplace. The layout provides opportunities for a wide range of shared and collaborative workplaces, including social areas for staff.

An environmentally sustainable civic marker for a fast growing suburb

Built opposite a major shopping centre, the building creates a new public realm for the community and sets important precedents for sustainable design practices. The compact design is built up to the local planning scheme’s height limit, providing a proud vertical scale to contrast the horizontal retail centre and setting a precedent for a suburban metropolis. A small forecourt at the front of the building creates a quality public realm for small community activities. Our design illustrates The Hume City Council’s commitment to a sustainable vision for their city and leads the way for future developments. Our approach to sustainability is threefold; low energy usage, water conservation, and most importantly, occupant comfort. This was in response to the Council’s understanding that motivated, happy staff provide better service to the public. Passive design principles including good orientation, sun shading, thermal mass and high performance glass are all integrated into the design.

“We are very proud that the Hume City Council won the AIA Harry Seidler award for best commercial project in Australia. It’s a testament to our collaboration with the Council and their bold, future focussed approach to civitas, organisational transformation and sustainability.”

Neil Appleton, Director of Lyons.

Iconic environmental skin dynamically enfolding the council offices

Inspired by the cross section of an apple, an environmental skin rendered in bright white with a green line wraps around the building’s form. This singular and dynamic gesture expresses the ethos of the council; equal measures civic and corporate. Expanding at top and bottom to accommodate the staff lounge and public meeting room, the envelope folds over the foyer to form a generous public space. Recycled timber is used where possible and offers contrast with ‘Welcome’ super graphics, mediating the relationship between public and private. The building is powerful and iconic in its new city setting, seen from afar as a civic attractor but also highly engaging and accessible at ground level to welcome the diverse community into its generous service centre.

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