Springvale Community Hub

Springvale Community Hub

“We won the design competition to design a community hub that reflects and supports the diverse immigrant community of Springvale now and well into the future. The result is a project that exceeds sustainability standards and celebrates the suburb’s cultural fabric from every angle.”

James Wilson, Director of Lyons

The Springvale Community Hub acts as a mirror to the community of Springvale, reflecting the unique identities of the people that call Springvale home. It is a flagship project for the Greater Dandenong City Council, one that embodies the importance of representation. It shows that when we see ourselves reflected in the community, we feel more integrated within it. From facilitating education, to improving access to key services, our design for the Springvale Community Hub is multifaceted.

Alongside landscape architects Rush Wright Associates we have responded to the urban context of Springvale, reflecting its built and natural features, as well as social, economic and environmental stories. Our innovative design communicates with the environment, curving around the site’s beloved red river gum trees, and exceeding sustainability standards in support of the community’s future. We worked closely with the Greater Dandenong City Council and the community itself to produce this multifaceted, world-class, zero-emissions community facility. The result is a coalescence of cultures forming a diverse public space that encourages education, interaction and connection.

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  • Key Lyons contacts

    James Wilson
    Samuel Hunter

  • Collaborators

    Rush Wright Associates

  • Client

    City of Greater Dandenong

  • Location

    5 Hillcrest Grove, Springvale VIC 3171

  • Traditional Land

    Located on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people

  • Size

    3800 square metres

  • Sustainability

    6 star Green Star Plus and Net Zero Operational Emissions

  • Project status

    Complete, 2020


2020 National Awards
    • 2020 Australian Timber Design Awards, Timber Veneers
2021 Awards
    • 2021 Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter Awards, The William Wardell Award for Public Architecture
    • 2021 Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter Awards, Urban Design Commendation
    • 2021 Good Design Awards, Gold – Architectural Design: Commercial and Residential
    • 2021 Think Brick Awards, High Commendation – Bruce Mackenzie Landscape Award
    • 2021 Australian Institute of Building – Victorian Professional Excellence in Building Awards, Commercial Construction: $25 Million to 60 Million
    • 2021 Victorian Premier Design Awards, Architectural Design: Highly Commended

“The new Springvale Community Hub has been designed as a place where people of all ages, backgrounds and interests can come together, connect and feel welcome. It is a true celebration of culture, diversity and community and will provide a variety of learning, leisure and cultural opportunities in one place.”

Mayor Jim Memeti, Greater Dandenong Mayor Councillor

Delivering state of the art facilities

This new multi-purpose community facility provides a variety of learning, recreational and cultural opportunities. It includes a modern, state-of-the-art library featuring emerging technologies, flexible community meeting spaces, a new customer service area and extensively landscaped green spaces and outdoor activity areas. The library has been designed for advanced delivery of services and for engaging closely with the community. The multi-modal interior spaces are open, flexible and light filled to welcome all members of the community again and again. The design is 5 Star Green Star Plus rated and carbon neutral and meets important functional and technical requirements so that it not only works as a community experience, but as a staff experience working in and managing unique spaces.

Weaving culture into the design narrative

The Springvale Community Hub and Library is a physical representation of the Greater Dandenong City Council’s efforts to provide a welcoming, accessible and inclusive place for Springvale residents to learn, play and socialise. Commenting on the project Greater Dandenong Mayor Councillor Jim Memeti said, “The new Springvale Community Hub has been designed as a place where people of all ages, backgrounds and interests can come together, connect and feel welcome. It is a true celebration of culture, diversity and community and will provide a variety of learning, leisure and cultural opportunities in one place.”

We worked with the Greater Dandenong City Council to engage the local community at multiple stages to ensure our design meets its varied needs. The library features new technologies and equipment, flexible community meeting spaces, customer service areas and plentiful parking. A café provides a space to meet and relax, while the Technology Hall gives access to screens and spaces to work and connect. The outdoor spaces are equipped for a variety of recreation uses, community events and social gatherings. They invite community engagement with multi-use courts, playgrounds, extensively landscaped gardens, and an open air, outdoor bathroom that is accessibility and ambulant friendly.

with landscape

Enriching cultural

Making public spaces
for everyone

The importance of representation

Located in the Greater Dandenong City Council (the most culturally diverse community in Australia) Springvale has a large Vietnamese population as well as residents from over 99 other birthplaces. Design elements throughout the Springvale Community Hub reflect its culturally diverse population. The western facade uses custom glazed bricks to represent colours from the various national flags that make up the current demo­graphic of Springvale. The Customer Service Hall, situated close to the centre of the Hub for improved accessibility, uses colours and shapes inspired by the Enterprise Rose—a symbol of hope, safety and beauty for more than 30,000 immigrants and refugees who entered Australia through the Enterprise Migrant Hostel in Springvale.

Treating the built and natural environment as equals

From the inside out, the Springvale Community Hub reflects the Springvale community. Externally, each side of the library’s facade colours showcases a different aspect of Springvale. The western facade depicts cultural flags, while the northern side is hyper reflective and features locally sourced timber fins. The eastern facade is finished in tones of brown and terracotta to reflect common suburban rooftops in Springvale, and the south facade extends to form the car park. It incorporates line markings and cat-eye reflector bands that catch the lights from passing cars.

The landscaping too provides beautiful grounds of multicultural plantings for locals to wander and play, winding around the building—a design feature intended to preserve original native red gum trees. Rather than removing the trees, the design curves around the old gums, honoring their presence. The trees also help to shade external patio areas and increase views to nature from the inside. Showing this equal consideration for the built and natural environment represents their equal value and invites the community to engage in both spaces.

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