Meet our newest registered architects

Meet our newest registered architects

It is with great honour that we congratulate four of our team here at Lyons on their recent registration as Architects. Tess O’Meara, Anderson Matthews, Nina Wyatt and Vicky Li have successfully completed their APE.

This year’s registration process was made more challenging than usual due to the global pandemic. Under these unique circumstances, we asked all four what their registration experience has been like, and what tactics helped them succeed.

Nina Wyatt

Undertaking the process of registration in a challenging year like this, presented an opportunity for professional growth and reflection on all that I have learnt in my role as a graduate. Delving into the role, responsibilities and risks taken on by an Architect from start to completion of a project, provided a holistic context to the work we do day-to-day in the studio. I found this very beneficial, having worked on large scale projects where successful delivery depends on responsibilities being shared amongst a team of individuals over the course of years. This reinforced the importance of having a network of resources and colleagues to connect with. The ability to share experiences and knowledge with others, to tackle new challenges within each project, is integral to successful and rewarding practise.

Anderson Matthews

The registration process was eye opening, and a lot of hard work. Along the journey, as I continually reflected on my past practical experiences whilst furthering my theoretical understanding, I realised discussing things with others to be really helpful. I don’t personally enjoy studying; I learn best by doing, by being thrown in the deep end. But I was able to lean on a number of Lyons staff members to gain knowledge and discuss their experiences, which provided me clarity on a number of topics. For those looking to register—it can be overwhelming, but I recommend simplifying the process by speaking with experienced members of your studio to get you across the finish line. Now the registration experience is over, I look forward to finally registering.

Vicky Li

Although it was a little overwhelming at first, I found the registration process quite eye opening. Nothing beats real life practical experience in the office; however I appreciated the opportunity to fill in the gaps of my knowledge in bringing a project to life, from initiation to completion, as well as financial and practice management, which I would not normally be exposed to as a graduate. I felt I had a great support network from my colleagues and mentors, who were always open to helping me out. This gave me confidence and made me believe I was ready to take the next steps in pursuing my career as a registered architect.

Tess O'Meara

Undertaking the registration process this year has enabled me to maintain connection with the wider office, in a time of relentless working from home. The lessons I uncovered through weekly readings and lectures were often the topic of Monday virtual morning teas, giving light to sometimes humorous “what not to do” stories, which counterbalanced the nerves of online exams and virtual panel interviews. As Melbourne’s restrictions coincided with my registration journey, the times we were allowed to meet in small study groups became precious. Our ensuing camaraderie encouraged perseverance when home evolved into both ‘office’ and ‘library’. It was only fitting that news of our successful results aligned with an ease in restrictions and was accordingly celebrated on a nature strip.

Congratulations to Victoria's newest architects.

Although the annual registration ceremony may not be an option this year, we invite you to join us in congratulating Tess, Anderson, Nina and Vicky—four of Victoria’s newest registered Architects.

Now you’ve met our latest Architects, come and meet the rest of the team.

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