Meet our new Principal and Associates

Meet our new Principal and Associates

Further to the exciting announcement of Hari Pliambas being appointed as a new Director at Lyons, it is with great honour that we announce five new leadership appointments at Lyons.

Join us in congratulating Principal William Brouwers, and Associates Tess O’Meara, Andim Taip, Joanne Hutchinson and Anderson Matthews. We thank you all for your contribution to Lyons and for the professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm you bring to the studio.

In light of their new appointments, we asked all five of them what they enjoy about working at Lyons, and what we can expect to see for the future of the studio.

“We are delighted to announce the appointment of four new Associates and a new Principal to our practice leadership team. All have made terrific contributions to the practice and we look forward to their continued leadership and engagement with our many clients as we take this next exciting step with our practice.”

Corbett Lyon, Director and Co-Founder of Lyons.

Will Brouwers, Principal

Will Brouwers is a Principal and Design Architect at Lyons with an interest in the role of design to shape culture and sustainable practices across all sectors of public architecture and urban design. Across Australia Will has garnered experience designing complex, public buildings in the education, research, workplace, and cultural sectors. Will enjoys the constant search for innovation, both technical and functional, that is core to designing tertiary education projects.

“I enjoy working at Lyons specifically because it is an ideas-led practice. Our projects emerge from inclusive conversations where everyone has a voice in the process and can contribute to the design.”

Meet WillMeet Will

Tess O'Meara, Associate

Tess is an Associate and Design Architect at Lyons who is passionate about design outcomes that are politically and culturally engaged. Prior to completing her studies in architecture, Tess graduated from Monash University with a B.A in Politics, and is, as a result, inherently interested in contextually responsive design, driven equally by research, policy and narrative.

“I enjoy the fact that at Lyons emerging designers are championed to contribute and speak up. I’ve always been encouraged to be vocal about not only design, but practice management and culture, so it’s very exciting to now be an Associate and have a new platform to contribute towards that further.”

Meet TessMeet Tess

Andim Taip, Associate

A highly experienced Project Architect, Andim has contributed to many of Lyons’ major healthcare projects. Driven by the meaningful nature of large-scale hospital design, Andim loves working on projects that give back to the community and has developed an intricate understanding of the fundamental needs in designing salutogenic spaces.

“I love being surrounded by such great minds at Lyons. There is input at every level from the project team and everyone’s opinions are valid. It’s a fantastic place for people to develop, as we receive a great deal of autonomy, trust and support. I’m looking forward to growing in my role as an Associate and mentoring others in the practice.”

Meet AndimMeet Andim

Joanne Hutchinson, Associate

Joanne is an Associate at Lyons who specialises in health projects, providing experienced salutogenic design leadership and delivering meaningful spaces for people. Creating useful spaces and contributing to patient wellness is what drives her; whether it be delivering an environment that’s better for patients, staff, and families, or building relationships with clients and consultants along the way.

“I’m excited to continue to learn and grow in my new appointment as a Lyons Associate. I thrive on working as a team and the collaboration that goes with that. I’m looking forward to having the new challenges being an Associate will bring and the opportunity to share and help others.”

Meet JoanneMeet Joanne

Anderson Matthews, Associate

Anderson specialises in healthcare and delivering large-scale architectural projects to communities that need them most. He finds purpose in building relationships with clients and consultants, enjoying the strategic direction, problem solving and coordination that comes with seeing through projects from start to finish.

“I thoroughly enjoy the mentorship and the people at Lyons. We work on a variety of complex projects which keeps things interesting – there’s always a good problem to solve. I’m looking forward to the continuation of project leadership in my new role as an Associate and building on the existing strong culture of the studio.”

Meet AndersonMeet Anderson

Congratulations to our newest Principal and Associates.

We invite you to join us in congratulating Will, Tess, Andim, Joanne and Anderson.

Now that you’ve met some of our Principals and Associates, come and meet the rest of the team.

Meet the teamMeet the team

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