Results for Designing Sustainable Futures

While many architects frame their work through a sustainability lens, we are proud to say we were earlier adopters of sustainable design principles. Our pioneering work in this field led us to design two of the first ten 5-Star Green Star projects in Australia. Among the projects below it will be apparent that we routinely incorporate ideas about sustainability into our formal design approach. In the end, it’s about design that doesn’t cost the planet.

"Some wise words to my younger self" - Carey Lyon

The Emerging Architects and Graduate Network have invited architects to consider a message they would share with their younger selves, and this week they’ve shared words from Lyons Director, Carey Lyon.

Meet our new Principal and Associates

Join us in congratulating five new monumental appointments at Lyons. William Brouwers, Tess O'Meara, Andim Taip, Joanne Hutchinson and Anderson Matthews.