Hari Pliambas

Practice Executive, Directors

Hari is an integral member of the Lyons team having been with the practice since 1998, joining the studio as a high energy, hardworking Project Architect. Hari’s passion for architecture has continued to grow into a practice leader – through her extensive experience leading the design, documentation and delivery of many major public projects, she has earnt the title of Director at Lyons’.

Hari has been instrumental in introducing the Lyons mentorship program. Hari fosters the growth of many in the studio, believing in the talent and promise of young architects, harnessing their skills and nurturing them to achieve their goals within Lyons’ studio.

Hari is passionate about delivering an architectural design outcome that improves more than someone’s working environment. She enjoys contributing to the humanist design aspects of campuses and cities; designing great learning, work and social spaces that people use in their everyday life. Her specialist skills include leadership in the early phases of design work, incorporating broad ranging project design requirements, with a focus on establishing the brief, interpreting the client’s aspirations, and establishing innovative design responses to meet these.

Having honed her skills in many complex Education, Health and Research projects, Hari is now considered the foremost Education Laboratory and Health specialist in Australia, bringing her expertise to many of Lyons award-winning projects. Her exemplar leadership has propelled her teams to deliver award winning buildings such as Monash University’s New Horizons, University of Melbourne’s Brain Centre, Australian National University’s John Curtin School of Medical Research and the University of Tasmania’s Medical Sciences Building.

  • Qualifications
  • Bachelor of Planning & Design – University of Melbourne
    Bachelor of Architecture (Honours) – University of Melbourne

  • Registrations



  • Memberships


    Australian Institute of Architects
    Australian Institute of Architects Mentoring Program – Mentor

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“Working with really talented and enthusiastic young people really excites me. It helps me realise we never stop learning – we all learn from each other and every team member has a lot to teach everyone else. Everyone brings a skillset.”

Working at Lyons

“As architects we have the privilege to be invited into so many different worlds—to see how people work, what they do, how they actually operate or use the architecture we deliver. We are delivering an architectural result that’s going to improve more than someone’s working environment. We contribute to campuses and cities; we go beyond workplaces into spaces that people use in their everyday life. “

Working with you

“I’m interested in the contribution our buildings make—the fact we extend architecture for people. This translates not just to people of a city or campus, but the occupancy of an individual in the buildings we design.”

Design philosophy