Adrian Stanic

Practice Executive, Directors

Adrian Stanic is a lead Design Director of Lyons with over 25 years experience designing and managing large scale, complex, public, institutional and commercial projects. He is a creative and analytical thinker renowned for his lateral ‘idea rich’ approach to the design and development of urban design, health, education, cultural, commercial and major research projects.

Adrian’s specialist expertise in urban design, masterplanning and multidisciplinary collaboration ensure the most outstanding project outcomes are achieved for all stakeholders. Day-to-day he has continuous involvement in all facets of design development – from initial user group and client consultations, to the building and construction phase, and Post Occupancy Evaluations, documenting the operational and functional success of the built design against the original project brief. A recognised leader in the architecture industry, he also co-leads Lyons discursive approach to design and the continuing development of Lyons industry benchmark expertise in Building Information Modelling technology.

An established Australian architect, Adrian willingly shares his plethora of experience, leading multi-million dollar, award-winning projects, with his contemporaries, through chairing and sitting on architectural juries and previously as an architectural tutor and critic in the RMIT University Architecture at Thesis level.

  • Qualifications
  • Bachelor of Architecture (First Class Hons) – RMIT University

  • Registrations


    South Australia
    New South Wales

  • Memberships


    Australian Institute of Architects

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“Success is derived from a deep understanding of the fundamental needs a space or facility must deliver to those who will inhabit it everyday. Deciphering these needs, developing designs that solves the questions at hand and then measuring the impact of our designs are integral methods to our process that ensure we do indeed deeply understand the task at hand.”

Design Philosophy

“I’m always challenged, and thoroughly enjoy working in collaborative environments. No project and no day is ever the same. The work is always highly stimulating.”

Working at Lyons

“We work in a highly collaborative manner and never assume we understand what the design solution is from the start. The design solution is something that we develop specific to our client and our client’s needs, objectives and aspirations”

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