Meet our
newly registered

Meet our
newly registered

Lyons are delighted to announce five members of our team recently received their registrations as Architects. It is with pleasure we congratulate Ike Gottlieb, Jarrod Malbon, Deanna Tabacco, Grant Trewella and Lewis Wilson on successfully completing their APE.

In a year of both challenge and success as we navigated a global pandemic, we were pleased to see our newest Architects sharing their knowledge and experience together on their many socially distanced study walks during lockdown. We asked each of them a specific question to reflect on their registration experience, while offering advice and insight into the registration pathway to fellow peers.

Ike Gottlieb, Architect

How did the registration process inform your understanding of practice, and how do you see it expanding your role as an Architect in the future?

“Becoming a registered architect required me to have a better understanding of not only what my professional responsibilities are, but more significantly where and what the limitations are on my role. Having a grasp on this allows you to have better interactions with other professionals within the industry as you know when to seek their input and when it’s your role to give critical project advice.

The work Lyons’ does on complex projects is only possible if everyone in the team plays their part. Trying to solve every issue yourself, while admirable, is not an efficient way to work. Lyons as a practice does its best work by fostering forward thinking design while integrating the complex technical requirements of its projects. Better understanding my role within this landscape will allow me to play a key role in ensuring the final built project closely resemble our initial conceptual vision.”

Jarrod Malbon, Architect

What was the registration process like in lockdown and what advice would you give to someone studying in a lockdown?

“Upon reflection the registration process was relatively seamless with only minor hiccups along the way. It came in ebbs and flows. Nervous moments followed by outpours of joy (the pinnacle being an internet outage on the day of the interview, but hey, that’s all part of the fun).

The last two years has provided architects, designers, and professionals alike the agency to be more agile when it comes to studying and virtual interactions. Studying during lockdown provided structure and routine to an otherwise monotonous period. It’s easy to say with hindsight, however a lockdown is a great time to delve into study or any sort of self-improvement. The only advice I’d offer someone weighing in on whether or not to undertake registration, is to take the leap of faith, it’s not as scary as you think.”

Deanna Tabacco, Architect

How did you find the experience of studying while working full time and do you have any advice for balancing the two? 

“The registration process was challenging, however something I found useful was setting up study rules to make the most of my time whilst working. Like no studying on Fridays, or lunch breaks and allowing myself pockets for free time away from the computer. This was especially valuable during lockdown.

One of the best things you can do is using resources around you. People who are studying and other colleagues talking to them about their experiences. It’s great to stop relying on notes and go on a walk and talk!”

Grant Trewella, Architect

What was it like collaborating with other Lyons staff who were also undertaking the registration process?

“Going through the registration process with colleagues was incredibly rewarding. It allowed us to share our experiences working across different project typologies to generate a vast pool of knowledge to draw upon. This process also provided us the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of each of our roles and responsibilities when working in early design stages through to construction and how we observed colleagues in more senior positions respond to particular situations.

Luckily we lived within each other’s 5km radius and were able to have regular walks through nearby parks to discuss our recent learnings, reflect on past experiences, ask each other questions and cement our knowledge in a way that got us away from our screens. This sharing of knowledge and learning through experience is embedded in the culture of Lyons and is a philosophy shared by all in the office.”

Lewis Wilson, Architect

How did Lyons offer support during the registration process and how did other stakeholders in the business impact the process? 

“Lyons has such a deep pool of mentors who were all willing to support me through the registration process and share their unique insights and knowledge. It didn’t matter how big or small the questions might have been, someone would always have an answer or would guide me in the right direction.

Undergoing rego is an exciting and challenging time for any grad and it feels great knowing that many of my colleagues were just as eager to go on that journey with me. From a simple conversation over coffee (my shout, of course) to a deep dive into complex issues. I was also supported and encouraged to take a more active role and to engage with our projects at a more critical level which was great way of rounding out my own experience, making me feel confident and thoroughly prepared to undergo the exam and interview phases.”

Congratulations to Victoria's newest Architects.

We invite you to join us in congratulating Ike, Jarrod, Deanna, Grant and Lewis—five of Victoria’s newest registered Architects.

Now you’ve met our latest Architects, come and meet the rest of the team.

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