Lyons Mentorship Programme

Lyons Mentorship Programme

No matter the amount of experience we garner, we embrace that there is always more to learn. Our collective passion for this is a cornerstone of our culture at Lyons.

Earlier this week we launched our 2022 Mentorship Programme – a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship that aspires to enable a deepened understanding of Lyons, how we practise and the nuances of the wider industry.

We have carefully considered how mentors’ experience can best support their mentees, taking into account how we can improve mentees knowledge of the practice, levels of experience as well as who is well positioned to complement it – all the while bringing people together who may not otherwise collaborate.

We can’t wait to dive headfirst into our 2022 Mentorship Programme and witness the sharing of skills and experience within our fantastic team! Hear from some of our 2022 mentors and mentees below.

“The casual format in the programme made it easy to openly discuss ideas, processes and ways to further develop within the studio. The opportunity to share ideas and gain wisdom was invaluable and I look forward to the next series where further bonds can be developed.”

– Peter Neal, Senior Project Architect

“Being a part of this programme has given me the confidence and enthusiasm to pass my learnings onto the students I teach. It is extremely rewarding to tutor, providing future designers and architects with an insight into how we practise and design at Lyons.”

– Vicky Li, Architect & Design Studio Leader at RMIT University

“We’re really proud of our formal mentoring program – and it’s such a natural extension of how we seek to support all of our staff through sharing knowledge, renewing our studio culture, and keeping the design conversation open with the whole practice.”

– Adam Pustola, Principal, Senior Executive

“Both formally and informally within the practice I have been able to develop skills in mentorship. I have also been encouraged by Lyons’ leadership to seek opportunities to be a mentor outside of the studio. The opportunities are here at Lyons, if you are someone that is ready to grab them by both hands.”

– Kate Woodman, Architect, Associate

“It was rewarding to see the mentee I was paired with set a goal, research and grow to achieve it. I look forward to the next two years and what paths we travel on within this programme.”

– Jenine Birney, Principal – Finance Manager, Senior Executive

“Being part of the programme is incredibly exciting – I’m looking forward to strengthening my knowledge and fostering my curiosity for innovative design, as well as my professional development within the practice.”

– Stephen Hawken, Architect

Now that you’ve heard from some of our team, come and meet the rest of Lyons.

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